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Н.И. Пирогов
The national Pirogov's estate museum"Быть счастливым счастьем других - вот настоящее счастье, вот жизни земной идеал."
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The main excursions:

  1. Life and activity of N. Pirogov (excursion at the house of N. Pirogov)
  2. Pharmacy of N. Pirogov in a Vishnya  (the pharmacy of the museum)
  3. Immortalization of memory of N. Pirogov (excursion at the church complex).
  4. Magic world of farmstead of N. Pirogov (excursion at the  memorial park).
  5. N. Pirogov in the heroic defense of Sevastopol in the period of the Crimean  war (1853-1856)
  6. N. Pirogov in Vishnya (thematic excursion at the house of N. Pirogov)
  7. The main pedagogical ideas of N. Pirogov (thematic excursion at the house of N. Pirogov)

The lectures:

  1. N. Pirogov is the famous scientist, talented surgeon, teacher and publicman.
  2. N. Pirogov and Ukraine.
  3. National  Pirogov’s estate  museum is the monument to the famous scientist.
  4. Investment of N. Pirogov in development of domestic medicine and pedagogic.

For children and schoolboys of junior classes we offer a the excursion at the house of N. Pirogov „N. Pirogov is a wonderful doctor”, excursion at the museum-pharmacy of N. Pirogov, trip at a the memorial park with the visit of the limetree alley the  favorite resting-place of N. Pirogov and thematic conversations.

  • Meetings of N. Pirogov with the famous people
  • Immortalization of memory of N. Pirogov.
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