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Н.И. Пирогов
The national Pirogov's estate museum"Быть счастливым счастьем других - вот настоящее счастье, вот жизни земной идеал."
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Hall No.3

N. I. Pirogov – Professor of the University of Dorpat.

Pirogov – the Professor of Derpt University.
 The table of N.Pirogov's atlas "Surgical anatomy of arterial Trunks and Facsiae" Dorpat, 1836.

In 1836, the Medical Faculty of the University of Dorpat, on the proposal of Professor Ivan Moyer, elected N. I. Pirogov Professor of the department of surgery, whose head Moyer was until 1841.

Right from the beginning of the scientific activity Nikolay Pirogov abandons himself to science, devoting to it all his time, skills and energy.

Young scientist does not hide anything from his students and openly admits his mistakes.

An ample proof of this is the publication of “Annals (Chronicle) of the surgery department of the Dorpat University clinic” (1837).

In Dorpat N. I. Pirogov created his fundamental work – “Surgical anatomy of the Arterial Trunks and Fasciae” (1838). In 1840 his new work “About Achilles tendon transection as surgical and orthopedic means of treatment” was published.

Under the guidance of N. I. Pirogov 14 theses were defended, devoted to the main problems of surgery of that time.   

The original exhibits reveal the contents of this hall; visitors have an opportunity to see a unique atlas of surgical anatomy, to learn about N. I. Pirogov’s pupils – future professors of the Department of Medicine of the University of Saint Vladimir such as V. Karavayev, A. Valter, and N. Kozlov.

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